Foods That Remind Us of Summer

We all love our fair share of burgers and hotdogs during the summertime, because what would a summer barbeque be without these seasonal essentials?  Though they are the go to food choice, we have to show some love to the summer foods that are sometimes underappreciated on social media.  Here’s a list of underrated foods that remind us of the summer days we wait all year for.

Grilled Pineapples

Summer = sunshine, and like the sunrays do to the sky, pineapple brings color to the table like nothing else. Grilled pineapple is an ideal dish for the summer. Quick to make and sweet on the taste buds. Pineapple meets grill is essential for bringing the taste and color to your barbeque, even if you’re a little skeptical about barbecuing fruit.

Chocolate Bundt Cake:

Summer is the time when laying on rooftops or the cool grass to watch the stars become almost like a ritual. Though this isn’t a conventional summer food, the specks of powdered sugar on the dark chocolate resemble the millions of celestial figures in the sky that can be seen from the Catskills or the Rockies. A sight that should be seen by all and a dessert that is favored by many.


In the summer, we are eager to dig our toes into the grainy sand just like how we should be eager to dig our spoons into grainy quinoa. The “gold of the Incas” as it was once called, received this name because of its high nutrition value, specifically for protein. The seed is ideal to nourish your body amidst the summer activities that keep us moving.


Not every summer day shines bright with the sun ablaze. The deep purples in acai reminds us of the purple and blue hues that encompass the sky during summer thunderstorms. Granted, the sweet berry differs from the fierce and blaring storms, they still share similarities in their deep and vivid colors.


Tropical colors are the epitome of summer. Bright flowers contrasting with the greens and browns on the ground. What better food for summer than tacos? Whether it’s loaded with fish, ground beef, or even tofu, tacos provide savory and zesty flavors that are satisfying for every taste bud.

Shish Kebabs

When you’re trying to enjoy summer the last thing you want to worry about is having to spend so much time inside cooking. Point being, shish kebabs are ideal for your next summer cook out. It’s abundant with flavors, easy to make and photogenic with its array of colors. Why are shish kebabs so underrated on social media anyway?

Blue Lagoon

What better place to be than a blue lagoon, swimming in the serene water taking in rays of sunshine. Even if you don’t have time to drift into the joy of life, called relaxation, take a break by substituting it with the cocktail Blue Lagoon. Flavors of from lemonade and cherry are not the same as an actual paradise, but are still refreshing and satisfying when you’re stuck in the city for the summer.

Ghislain de Noue