7 Hidden Gems in New York

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New York, there's nothing you don’t have here. We come to work, we come to learn, but most importantly, we come to enjoy ourselves. Where do you start if we want to take a break for just one second? Through food. New Yorkers are extremely hard working and rarely take time to stop, but sometimes we have to remember to get off that speeding subway train and treat ourselves. We have a melting pot of different food options awaiting us every day. Whether it’s for an evening out, or just a lunch break, let's take a look at some of what we at Clickdaily think are the top hidden gems in the city that never sleeps.

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A.O.C. Bleecker

A.O.C. is an unconventional parisian restaurant that lives in the heart of New York. The restaurant's quirky qualities come from its unique decor, the bright red bike in the window and the blue and gold painted exterior. But the real personality at A.O.C. comes from its food. A.O.C. is the go-to place for a group brunch or a cozy dinner date with reservations on OpenTable, plus they have late night hours every day of the week. A.O.C. has some serious street credit for its culinary chops. For these chefs, it’s not just about making food but serving meals that taste great and match the persona of the restaurant.

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The warm atmosphere and good-for-your-soul foods make Bodrum one of the brightest gems on this list. The food is what will win you over, in terms of saying which mediterranean restaurant is the best in all of New York City. Crafted taste that is tough to match will make you and your taste buds thrill over the warmth, flavor and presentation of each dish. The brick walls and distressed wooden tables take you out of the city for a while to what feel like Albania or Italy. Take the time one of these days to see what the excitement is all about.

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Wouldn’t you love to stop working your mind and let your taste buds do all the work? At Michelin Star rated Tulsi, you'll find that Indian cuisine is the way to go to let your taste buds experience a vibrant array of flavors. Why go here out of all the great Indian restaurants in NYC? Between the food, the presentation, the servers, chef, atmosphere, drinks, experience... Okay, you get the point, there are too many reasons. With award winning chef Eric McCarthy, each dish is created with his trademark style, noted for its positive contrast against all the other places you could have gone.

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Roast Kitchen

Spring and summer are inching their way out and with food being so good, there’s no need to always worry about a diet when going out to eat at Roast Kitchen. It’s the healthy place to go. They’re all about the warm goodness that feeds both your hunger and your soul. Top quality grains and perfect pastas to meet your liking. With multiple locations across Manhattan and different dishes to choose from, eating well doesn’t have to be such a stress.

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Mansion Diner

The gem of all hidden gems...Mansion Restaurant. Owned by the same family since 1945, the fresh quality has not changed and it’s a favorite for anyone local to the area. Sandwiches and fries have never been made this tasty. They of course make the classics including burgers, roasts and breakfast. Any food craving you could possibly have they can meet. Between their sweets, savories, salties and even sours, the establishment has been making kids and adults alike happy to be there and anticipate going again. With all the experience that they have, it’s no wonder as to why customers crave it so much.

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Financier Patisserie

So, you had that spicy tex-mex burrito on-the-go and you’re looking for somewhere to actually sit down and rejuvenate. If you're thinking you want something sweet, or maybe a coffee, because chances are you are, you should probably think about stopping by at a Financier Patisserie. This upscale patisserie has goodies that are baked fresh daily and made to meet the highest of standards. The sweet and savory treats have been recognized by many, allowing the establishment to create eight different locations while only being open since 2002. The art of making desserts is not an easy one, so if you’re going to indulge on something sweet, you’d might as well indulge on something worth eating.

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Dakota Bar

It’s the end of the day, you’re done with work and you want to go for a bite and a drink.  You’re looking for something that’s a little chic but not pompous.  A place with a broad wine selection and appetizing food.  The Dakota Bar is what you’re looking for.  On 72nd and Columbus Ave, the Dakota Bar is right off the C and B train stop, making it an effortless destination to reach.  Their purple and twinkling lights make the environment smooth and open to all. Accommodating kids, adults and elderly, the environment welcomes people of all ages.  

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